Masulsa Info

Location :Chatpisit
Description :Shopkeeper

Item list

 Item Name 
Tears of Red Muru with Horn 
Healing Potion+1 
Healing Potion+2 
Healing Potion+3 
Healing Potion+2(6) 
Healing Potion+3(6) 
Tears of Blue Muru with Horn 
Mana Potion+1 
Mana Potion+2 
Mana Potion+3 
Mana Potion+2(6) 
Mana Potion+3(6) 
Scroll(Rian Village) 
Scroll(Forest of Chaos) 
Scroll(Fury of Mankut) 
Gold Cuspid of Buya 
A Gold Wooden Doll 
Gold Feather of Hawk 
Gold Blood of Vina 
Gold Mustache of Danki 
Gold Seed of Yen 
Ring of Elemental Strength 
Ring of Elemental Swirl 
Ring of Elemental Vigor 
Ring of Elemental Vision 
Ring of Elemental Reserve 
Warrior's Discipline 
Guardian's Aegis 
Thief's Luck 
Muru Heartband 
Muru Soulband