Nusamlatana Info

Location :Nusamlatana
Description :Lune Vendor

Item list

 Item Name 
Amulet of Endowment 
Amulet of Incursion 
Amulet of Noesis 
NusamHealing Potion(5) 
NusamHealing Potion(10) 
NusamHealing Potion(99) 
Healing Potion+1(99) 
Healing Potion+2(99) 
Healing Potion+3(99) 
NusamMana Potion(5) 
NusamMana Potion(10) 
NusamMana Potion(99) 
Mana Potion+1(99) 
Mana Potion+2(99) 
Mana Potion+3(99) 
Scroll of Sage(Yellow) 
Scroll of Sage(Blue) 
Scroll of Sage(Red) 
Scroll of Champion(Yellow) 
Scroll of Champion(Blue) 
Scroll of Luck(Yellow) 
Scroll of Luck(Blue) 
Scroll of Resurrection(Yellow) 
Scroll of Resurrection(Blue) 
Scroll of Repair 
Scroll(Ice Queen) 
Scroll(Anger Kalakahina) 
Scroll(Ancient Ruins) 
Scroll(Ruin of Sinks) 
Hai-ring L5 
Gold Seed of Yen+1 
Gold Feather of Hawk+1 
Gold Cuspid of Buya+1 
Gold Mustache of Danki+1 
Gold Blood of Vina+1 
A Gold Wooden Doll+1 
Orb of Mantles (Tier 1) 
Orb of Mantles (Tier 2) 
Orb of Mantles (Tier 3) 
Orb of Rings (Tier 1) 
Orb of Rings (Tier 2) 
Orb of Rings (Tier 3) 
Warrior's Discipline+1 
Warrior's Discipline+2 
Guardian's Aegis+1 
Guardian's Aegis+2 
Ring of Hwarang 
Muru Heartband+2 
Muru Soulband+2 
Ring of Elemental Strength+2 
Ring of Elemental Swirl+2 
Ring of Elemental Vigor+2 
Ring of Elemental Vision+2 
Ring of Elemental Reserve+2 
Scroll of Sage(Red)+1 
Scroll of Sage(Red)+2 
Scroll of Sage(Red)+3 
Scroll of Sage(Red)+4 
Scroll of Sage(Red)+5 
Scroll of Champion(Blue)+1 
Scroll of Champion(Blue)+2 
Scroll of Champion(Blue)+3 
Scroll of Champion(Blue)+4 
Scroll of Champion(Blue)+5