Quilted Skirt

Cloth skirt with thick seams

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 1
Defense : 1
Durability : 100
Cost : 10 Dien
Sells for : 1 Dien

Can be refined to:
Quilted Skirt+1
Drops From:
(1)Champion Pora
(1)Champion Warmcher
(1)Dek Narok
(1)Elite Pora
(1)Elite Warmcher
(1)G Pig
(1)Master Pora
(1)Master Warmcher
(1)Parma Bow Lv1
(1)Parma Spear Lv1
(1)Parma Spear Lv2
(1)Parma Sword Lv1
(1)Parma Sword Lv2
(1)Parma Sword Lv3
(1)Red Crow
(1)Test 1
(1)Test 2
(1)The Eye Black
(1)The Eye Blue
(1)The Eye Green
(1)The Eye Orange
(1)The Eye Red
(1)The Eye White
(1)The Eye Yellow
(1)Yellow Mangrott
(10)Curse cock
(250)Champion Chalin
(250)Champion Junto
(250)Champion Kelvin
Refinement cost from to