Heart of Eternity

Imparts to bearer an immense boost to strength and vitality

Req. Level : 25
Cost : 10,000 Dien
Sells for : 1,500 Dien
Effect : Strength +5
Stamina +7
Dexterity +5

Can be refined to:
Heart of Eternity(Yelba)
Heart of Eternity(Tar)
Heart of Eternity(Ohra)
Heart of Eternity(Mir)
Drops From:
(100)Ghost Warrior
(100)Ghost Warrior
(126)Elite Shu-sham
(132)Elite Ara-ahn
(145)Death warrior
(147)Master Shu-sham
(150)Anger Kalakhina
(154)Master Ara-ahn
(163)Jelly Kun
(168)Champion Shu-sham
(174)Elite Death warrior
(176)Champion Ara-ahn
(176)Elite Karika
(180)Elite Kang-hi
(200)Champion Ghost Warrior
(200)Elite Ghost Warrior
(200)Legendary Ghost Warrior
(200)Master Ghost Warrior
(203)Master Death warrior
(205)Master Karika
(210)Legendary Shu-sham
(210)Master Kang-hi
(220)Legendary Ara-ahn
(232)Champion Death warrior
(235)Champion Karika
(240)Champion Kang-hi
(290)Legendary Death warrior
(294)Legendary Karika
(300)Legendary Kang-hi
Refinement cost from to