Junto Helmet Orange

Imbued with the spirit of Junto

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 175
Defense : 23
Durability : 50000
Cost : 350,000 Dien
Sells for : 52,500 Dien

Refined from Junto Helmet Purple
Cost : 10,000 Dien
Refine chance : 100%
Refined at : Danduki

Can be refined to:
Junto Helmet Orange +1
Junto Helmet Purple
Junto Helmet Blue
Junto Helmet Green

Also refined from:
Junto Helmet Blue
Junto Helmet Green
Drops From:
(200)Legendary Balit
(200)Legendary Curse cock
(200)Legendary Dark Popo
(200)Legendary Drok
(200)Legendary Duamka
(200)Legendary Duamtam
(200)Legendary Duamtau
(200)Legendary Duintain
(200)Legendary Eatus
(200)Legendary Eavoos
(200)Legendary Ghost Warrior
(200)Legendary Giant
(200)Legendary Giges Chief
(200)Legendary Gyges
(200)Legendary Hiack
(200)Legendary Ice Kati
(200)Legendary Ice Mushacha
(200)Legendary Kati
(200)Legendary King Giant
(200)Legendary Maiwarmcher
(200)Legendary Mangrove
(200)Legendary Maoo Gyges
(200)Legendary Maoo Hiack
(200)Legendary Mushacha
(200)Legendary Mushana
(200)Legendary Nurantu
(200)Legendary Popo
(200)Legendary Raiwarmcher
(200)Legendary Rantt
(200)Legendary Ravan Gyges
(200)Legendary Ravan Hiack
(200)Legendary Rockshun
(200)Legendary Rombuack
(200)Legendary Silkis
(200)Legendary Silky
Refinement cost from to